August Writing Picture Prompts

Hi everyone!

Since we are following through on the theme of August, I have put together a package of picture writing prompts. Included is 25 work pages and 1 additional handwriting lined page.

This workbook is suitable for children of Kindergarten age, Grade 1 and Grade 2. These picture pages are great for beginner writers to get some practice writing by looking at a visual to provide inspiration.

The goal of using picture prompts is to help kiddos come up with a written piece by examining an image to construct a written text. It enables them to write something inspired just from what they see. They are better than just saying “write about your weekend”. Sometimes writing recounts or information reports become very boring and some will lose interest in writing. But this method allows creativity, imagination and freedom. It also encourages sentence structure as they try to put their ideas together to tell a little bit of their inspiration.

For some kiddos this will be very fun, for some a little stressful if they do not know where to begin. The word lists on the side will come in super handy to jumpstart the writing process where a few key words that come to mind about the image can be written there. You can choose these key words together if the children are still not sure what to say about it and need a little more prompting.

A single picture could be interpreted and described in so many different ways and each person will come up with something different to write about it. That is the beauty of using picture prompts. Not one writing piece for the same picture will be the same.

Some children enjoy visual aids and would find these beneficial to use as a starting point for a writing piece. You can encourage the children to be as creative as they like in their writing. Each picture prompt page can be coloured in and kiddos can use their chosen colours as part of their description in their story.

Overall, I am sure that your kiddos will really enjoy using these picture prompts in a classroom setting, group time, or even for individual learning. It really is all about encouraging them to keep writing.

So, happy teaching! 🙂

If you’d like to purchase this resource, please CLICK HERE or on the image below.

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