FREE Valentine’s Day Sight Words Activity

February. The month of all things pink and and all things heart shaped. The month where we bring out all our Valentine themed resources. Why do we do it? Well, we are hoping that by changing things up, our kiddos will approach learning with wonder and excitement.

On that note, I’d like to share with you all a TOTALLY FREE Valentine’s Day sight word building activity.

This is a Valentine’s Day sight word building activity. Kiddos pick a tray, read the word on it and use the included heart letters to build that word.

It’s simple.

It’s fun.

But I know. There is a lot of cutting. I know. But if you laminate them, they will last a long time. They will. It’s totally worth the investment!

Also, I have included a recording page. I mean, we want to know that are kiddos are actually doing something and we need evidence of that work!

If you have a totally different sight word list than the one I have provided, you may like to check out the editable sight word packet by clicking here or the picture below.

If you like the idea of editable sight word resources, then you may be interested in the bundle. Click here or the picture below to check it and its contents out! By the way, there are wayyyyy more packets included in the bundle. I didn’t want to overcrowd the cove, with them all but at the time that I am writing this, there are 47 packets included. I plan to add more themes, so be sure to get the bundle now as the price goes up as new packets are added.

As always, until next time!

Happy Teaching 🙂

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