Preschool Letter U


Preschool Letter U

(Throughout this Preschool Letter U post, click the hyperlinked words to take you to the complete unit in my TpT store/original resource link, or click on the pictures to get the freebies!)

Our hair gel and gel beads sensory bag from Letter T was a huge hit with my lil’ learner, so we used it again this week.

Hair gel and beads sensory bag

Here is the completed Letter U on our play dough mats.

Learning to write the letter U with a hair gel and beads sensory bag

Next, Filip found all the upper and lower case U’s from our Letter T Letter Find packet.

FREE Letter Find Worksheet

We then did a Letter U beginning sound page from our Beginning Sounds: Color It unit.

The only words Filip knew were umbrella and underwear… the other words were “unhappy”, “uncle”, “up” and “umbrella-bird”. “Words with U are so hard to find!” he says… sigh…

  FREE Beginning sounds worksheet

Next, he practiced writing upper and lower case U using a whiteboard marker on our Write and Wipe cards.

FREE Write and Wipe letter U cards

Then we sorted some picture cards from our Sound Hound unit to show the sound position of the “U” in each word.

“Why are there no words that end with U?” he asked. Sigh again…

FREE Sound Hound activity - sort the pictures cards by letter sound position

He then counted out 13 unifix cubes and made the pattern from our Number 13 Play Dough Mat.

Making patterns with unifix cubes

Then, using the gel sensory bag, he made out the number 13.

Number Play Dough Mat with unifix cubes to represent the number and hair gel and beads sensory bag

We started Day 2 with a an upper and lower case U maze. Filip decided to use pink and purple stamps to make his way through the maze…

FREE Letter U maze

Then Filip practiced writing the Letter U and reading the CVC words on this worksheet from our Introducing the Alphabet packet.

FREE Letter U worksheet and reading page

We finished Day 2 with a fine motor Letter U printable from 1plus1plus1equals1. He LOVES these pages!

FREE Letter U fine motor activity with stickers

We did Day 3 during the setting of the afternoon sun, so we ask the you please excuse the glare from the right side and poor image quality 😉

Here he is, dotting at Dawn DeLorenzo’s Gumball Dot It! Letter U activity page.

 Letter U gumball dot marker worksheet

Next, Filip dotted his way through the  Number 13 maze.

FREE Number 13 Dot marker maze

Then completed a Number 13 worksheet.

FREE Number 13 concepts worksheet

We did a Letter U sound page, this time looking for the  “U” in the middle sound position. This is available in our Ending and Middle Sound Color It! Packet.

FREE Letter U middle sounds worksheet

Then we read our “ED” word family flip-flip book.

FREE -ed word family reader

And finished the week off with a letter U craft!

FREE Letter templates for alphabet crafts

U for underwater and for umbrella.

FREE Letter templates for alphabet crafts - underwater and umbrella

And there you have it! Another Preschool Letter of the week all done!

Click here to download a pdf. with all the FREEBIES from this post.

(Please note: the freebie pack DOES NOT include freebies linked to my online store.)

7 thoughts on “Preschool Letter U”

  1. I love your blog, your graphics, and all the awesome resources you share! You are amazing and I’m so grateful that you have taken the time to make all these educational resources. I have been using them with my kiddos for the past year and they can’t get enough. I can’t thank you enough! You have such a wonderful talent!

  2. Love your website, truly a blessing! My question- Are the vocabulary cards entirely different from the Beginning sound scoops? I’ve paused my orders pending your reply. Cheers! Hope you are back to your perfect health.

  3. Shannon Rahming

    Hi Lavinia, thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas. I have a few questions. First, those gel beads are manipulated in the baggy right? Secondly, where can I find them? Thirdly, how did you get Filip to associate the middle sound for Uu? I am working with a five year old, (almost 6), who has no problems with the initial sound but CVC words with that particular vowel sound as a medial sound is a challenge. Any suggestions?

    1. Shannon,
      Yep, those are gel beads in the bag. We got ours from the section of a dollar store where they also sell decorative sands and small stones to fill vases.
      I think it was easy for Filip to hear the “U” in the middle position because we have been isolating sounds with the Sound Hound for a while now.

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