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Welcome to Preschool Letter S!

 Preschool Letter S Alphabet Play Dough Mat

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Below, Filip is carefully shaping out the play dough on our letter S play dough mat. Once completed, he put on some sequins to make each S look like a snake, as pictured above.

Preschool Letter S Alphabet Play Dough Mat

We then took out our laminated Letter S Write and Wipe cards and Filip practiced tracing upper case, lower case and then mixed upper and lower case S using a whiteboard marker.

Preschool Letter S FREE Write and Wipe Cards

This week, we used Dawn DeLorenzo’s Gumball Dot It! Letter S activity page to identify upper and lower case S.

Preschool Letter S Dot 'em upper and lower case letters

Next, Filip dot-painted the pictures that begin with the S sound on this worksheet from my Beginning Sounds: Color It unit.

Preschool Letter S FREE Beginning Sounds page

We moved on and sorted S cards by sound position using my Sound Hound unit. This is always lots of fun for Filip and he is needing less and less help with sounding out the words and figuring out where they belong.

Preschool Letter S FREE Sound Hound activity

This week, I introduced a new play dough mat for our number focus. Since Filip has had good practice learning to form the numbers with our previous mats, I decided to shift the focus from learning to write numbers to counting and matching/following a sequence.

Here is Filip building a unifix tower to go with the Number 11 play dough mat from my Play Dough Mats with unifix cubes unit. This was a HUGE hit! Filip loved building the tower and matching up the cubes, then checking to make sure he had done the colour order correctly. (We didn’t have any purple cubes, so we used dark blue instead; eh, close enough 😉 )

Preschool Letter S Play Dough Mat with unifix cubes

Here is the finished mat.

Preschool Letter S Play Dough Mat with unifix cubes

 We finished Day 1 with the number 11 page from my Number Concepts unit.

Preschool Letter S FREE Number 11 Concepts page

Day 2 was PJ day at our house. Well… no. Not really. Filip just insisted on staying in his PJs for longer than usual. Eh, no biggie!


Here he is dotting his way through an upper and lower case S maze.

Preschool Letter S FREE Alphabet maze

Next, Filip practiced writing upper and lower case S and reading CVC words using the S page from my Introducing the Alphabet packet.

Preschool Letter S FREE alphabet and CVC words worksheet

Voila! All done!

Preschool Letter S FREE alphabet and CVC words worksheet

Then we read some CVC words using the beginning S cards from my CVC Word Slider Cards unit. Filip has come a long way with these cards and can now blend very well. Yay for my lil’ man 😀

Preschool Letter S FREE Beginning S CVC word slider cards

Then Filip ordered beginning S CVC Puzzles to make CVC words.

Preschool Letter S FREE Beginning S CVC Puzzles

And we finished Day 2 with our beginning letter S Phoneme Segmentation Cards.

Preschool Letter S FREE Beginning S Phoneme Segmentation Cards

On Day 3, Filip asked to do a letter S Q-Tip Letter Q from 1plus1plus1plus1eauals1. He LOVES this activity – mostly because it involves paint 😉

Preschool Letter S FREE Q-Tip printable

Then he worked on a letter S page from Mariela Santillana’s Learning Letters unit.

Preschool Letter S worksheet

Next, Filip cut-and-pasted away with our beginning letter S CVC cut and paste word work page

Preschool Letter S FREE Beginning S CVC cut and paste worksheet

We also read our “AT” word family flip-flip book. This week, Filip read the word on the card and then flipped to the next page to see if he had read the word correctly.

Preschool Letter S AT word family booklet

We also did a Number 11 maze.

Preschool Letter S Number 11 Maze

And we finished our Preschool Letter S week with a letter craft!

Preschool Letter S Craft - snowman / snake

This week, it was S for Snowman and s for snake. LOTS of fun!

Preschool Letter S Craft - snowman / snake

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  1. I love your products! I have purchased many from tpt and look forward to reading your blog on a regular basis.
    Thank you!

  2. homeschoolingmommie

    Love these. I recently purchased the cvc cut & paste word work ( we love it). I was wondering do you have something similar with the letters that aren’t included in the cvc cut & paste word work? I love the fact it has the picture, then tracing and last the cut & paste. I laminate the sheets so instead of the cut & paste he uses the boxes to write each letter to spell the word. I also use these sheets with our alphabet letter of the week, which is a big help. Thank you. 😉

  3. andrea telford

    I love your at word flip book – do you have any more I can purchase? (in, an, etc.)
    Thank you!


    I would love to have this for each alphabet letter.

    May I purchase them somewhere, please, or do you have a free link for each letter, please?

    Everything you do and have is GREAT !!! 🙂

    THANK YOU !! 🙂
    Lisa 🙂

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