Rhyming Christmas Trees

We rhyme often at our house. Ok. No, wait. Hubby doesn’t rhyme. Ever. And the school-aged kids have learnt it’s not “cool”, so they, well, pretty much roll their eyes… I guess it’s only Filip and I that love to rhyme. And if he can’t think of a rhyming word, he’ll make one up. Yep – he’s a nonsense word rhymer! He asks me to help him put on his “socks-y locks-y”, make him a “sandwich-bandwich” or go for a “walkie-talkie” together… I know what you’re thinking… I’ts only a matter of time before he joins the older kids… Oh well! I will enjoy it while it lasts 😉

Anyway, Princess and I worked on some Christmas tree rhymes.

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We worked on the “an” and “at” word families. Here is a picture of her sorting the Christmas ornaments to the correct trees.

We then did a follow-up worksheet. Here is a photo of her cutting out the ornaments ever-so-carefully.

I colored while she cut…

Then she glued the ornaments to each tree.

Afterwards, we did a follow-up craftivity. We used some foam alphabet beads to build the words and, because the ornaments have the words spelled correctly on the back, Cami was able to independently check her spelling.

Here is the completed “an” rhyming tree:

And here is a completed decorated tree. Lots of fun for my Princess and I!

Click on the Christmas tree template below to download your free copy!

Rhyming Christmas Trees

3 thoughts on “Rhyming Christmas Trees”

  1. Shannon Beckles-Rahming

    Neat idea! I love the words at the back of the ornaments as well as the activity you did where Princess (and you 🙂 ) decorated the Christmas tree. I love this!!!

  2. These are such cute activities! Makes me wish I was a stay at home mom and homeschooled my daughter – we a lot of your activities already, but it would be nice to stay home too 😛 LOL

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