Preschool Letter O

Preschool Letter O! We have had some time off from doing school work, but we are full swing back into it for the last term of school in Australia. Get ready to receive a blog post of sticker fun over-load! 😉

As we have done previously, we started Day 1 with the play dough mat for the letter O.

(Throughout this post, click on the word links to take you to the complete unit in my TpT store, or the pictures to get the freebies!)

Preschool Letter O Alphabet Play Dough Mats

We then continued with the Letter O Sound Hound Game. Much to Filip’s dismay, he discovered that there were no words that ended with the “O” sound. He insisted I should have made some for him, even after I explained that there aren’t any words that end with the short o sound…

Sound Hound Game - sort the pictures by initial, medial and final sound positions. FREE printable!

Moving on!

We continued with the Letter O Beginning Sounds Colour It! page. Here is a photo of him pointing to the hand and sounding it out… I looks like he’s saying “five” 😉

Beginning Letter O page - identify the pictures that begin with O. FREE printable.

Then we looked for upper and lower case O’s using our Letter Find page. This did not work very well as my little man had trouble recognising the difference between the two cases, and he ended up dotting them all with an orange bingo dabber.

Letter Find - upper and lower case o recognition page. FREE printable.

We finished the Letter part of the day with a writing page from The Measured Mom.

Letter O handwriting page from The Measured Mom.

We moved right along and brought out our Number 7 Play Dough Mat.

Preschool Number 7 Play Dough Mats

We finished our first day of structured table-work with a number seven matching page.

Preschool number 7 page - cut, paste and match the numeral, number word and number representation on dice. FREE printable.

To start off Day 2, we used the pages without borders from our Alphabet Play Dough Mats and stuck some stickers on each letter.

Preschool Letter O Alphabet Play Dough Mats. Use stickers as you follow the arrows to correctly form the letters!

Fillip then did a Letter O Maze:

Letter O Maze. Dot your way from one end to the other. FREE printable.

Now that he “knows how to read”, Filip read the sentence strips from Mariela Santillana’s cut and paste letter O page and glued the pictures accordingly. Well, to be honest, he sounded out the first 2 letters of each word and guessed what it was. A great effort, in my opinion 🙂

Letter o cut and paste activity.

I then helped him do a pre-writing practice page created by Mel at From the Pond. 

Pre-writing tracing practice. Great for fine-motor development.

As with the Letter O play dough mat, we stuck stickers all over the number 7 mat too. It’s always great to get in some fine motor practice!

Preschool Number 7 Play Dough Mats. Use stickers as you follow the arrows to correctly form the number!

We then did a number 7 maze…

Number 7 maze. FREE printable.

And a number 7 concepts page…

Number 7 concepts page. FREE printable.

… and finished the day with a number 7 flip book

Number 7 flip book. Practice reading sight words and counting in this cute FREE printable booklet.

We started Day 3 with a Q-Tip printable from 1plus1plus1equals1. And, of course, Filip stuck on some stickers.

q-Tip fine motor practice - using stickers!

Filip also made a foldable Letter O booklet. Here he is, writing his name (awesome i’s, right?!), tracing upper and lower case o, colouring the beginning sound pictures and dotting upper and lower case o.

Letter O foldable activity booklet. FREE printable.

We also made an “-op” word family flip-flap booklet. My little man LOVES this booklet and reads it over, and over, and over, and over to me… And then, he reads it over, and over, and over, and over to the other family members and any unsuspecting guest that dares enter our house on the day or the day after that we complete this booklet. Yep, he LOVES his little book!

Word Family reader. Match the picture to each word. Great for building confidence in beginning readers. FREE printable.

We finished our Preschool Letter O with an alphabet craft…

“O” for “Owl” (I know, I know… why didn’t I pick a short o craft… I don’t know what I was thinking!!) and “o” for “octopus”.

Letter O craft - owl and octopus. FREE printable letter templates.

To get all the freebies from this post in one pdf, click on the image below.

In My World BLOG Freebies O

How about a GIVEAWAY to end the day? For your chance to win an Alphabet AND Number play dough mat set, please leave a comment below telling me your favourite method for teaching children to write the ABCs!


17 thoughts on “Preschool Letter O”

  1. Melissa Goudreau

    My district uses the Wilson Fundations program to teach handwriting. To supplement this program we use play dough, kinesthetic sand, wiki sticks and handwriting without tears! I always put handwriting practice sheets inside of write and wipe boards for students to practice during free time. I also use handwriting websites since every student has his/her own chromebook!

  2. Breanne Simons

    I love to use smelly markers (LOVE Scentos!) and let the kids “rainbow write” the letters. The love it!

  3. I use ziploc bags containing hair gel and vegetable paint for practicing correct formation of letters. Kids trace over this bags and they love it.

  4. I love using write and rewrite books and cards that I find in the dollar bins at stores. I also have some sheets that she can do that list the letter we are working on for the week.

  5. I love the stickers Filip was using, the faces are awesome! I’m still waiting to find a way to get Ollie to write (same at school actually) but now that he is cutting and pasting on his own (first time last week, I am so proud of my little man) I’m wondering if a cut and paste exercise might work ie cut, paste, trace, write activities (might be a bit much but over a couple of days we might get somewhere :-D)

  6. I LOVE how you us d stickers on the q-tip pages 🙂 🙂 I was thinking…my little one might like to start out this was and then I’ll move to the real paint 🙂 thank you for sharing your ideas with us!!!

  7. o …..on sand
    o……tracing with all steel and plastic round objects
    o….I did ur octopus
    …..we went to aquarium…saw octopus
    I bought n octopus….o god it was fun
    I show one picture from newspaper or magazine
    ask them what do u see then beginning sound

    love ur moments wth kids….thanku 4 sharing

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