Glow in the Dark Sight Words

Glow in the Dark Sight Words

Glow in the dark Sight Words

I know that I’m not the only one who loves to buy anything colourful, anything cute or anything new from the stationary section at the store – even if it’s from Woolworths… which is where I bought my Neon Sharpies! I must have been bored one day, ’cause I read the text on the packet in which my new and unused sharpies were encased. And then my heart jumped a beat – “fluoresces under black light”. Black light… hmm… hadn’t I just seen some guy on Facebook showing how to make black light with an iPhone? Yes, I had! But I needed something much better than an iPhone light. After a remarkable effort of cleaning out the garage, my hubby finally found the camping flashlight – I was overjoyed! I got to work making the black light using the instructions I found on Instructables – thank you, Google search 😉

And then I had fun with some sight words printables! I mean, how cool do the sight words word find pages look??! Even though the blue and pink didn’t do well under the black light, the other colours looked marvelous!

Glow in the drak sight words word search

I also bought some “fluro” paint to use on my sight word q-tip printables… clearly the purple and pink didn’t “fluoro” very well, but at least the yellow and green did their job!

Glow in the dark sight words flouro paint q-tip activity

Once dry, you can attach the q-tip sight word cards to the walls (ceiling, maybe?!?) and give your kiddos some small black light flashlights and a copy of the FREE printable below, and you’ve got yourself a super-duper fun write the room activity!

Sight Words Write the Room

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you liked this glow in the dark sight word idea and that it is something you can use in your classroom or home!

8 thoughts on “Glow in the Dark Sight Words”

  1. brilliant! i adore this idea! you’re like beyond amazing! thank you for all you do and create! 🙂

  2. This is fun! My husband loves blue lighting–he owns five saltwater tanks with corals that glow in blue lights. He might love this even more than my kids! 🙂 Thanks. I’ll be using this for our homeschool year.

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