Fine Motor Printable Activities for May Morning Tubs | Bins

This book contains a collection of printable fine motor activities for use with children in Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten (Prep).

Themes: Mother’s Day, Cinco De Mayo, flowers, cake, sombrero, pinata, cactus, duck, guitar, donuts, taco, hot air balloon


1. May picture punch cards (5 cards)

2. May cutting practice (8 cards)

3. May dab the mystery picture (5 pages)

4. May q-tip dot painting pictures (5 pages)

5. May pokey pin/pinning pictures (5 pages)

6. May sequence and trace the picture (5 pages)

7. May lacing cards (5 cards)

8. May patterns (5 cards)

9. May mazes (5 activity cards)

10. May missing color pictures (5 activity cards)

11. May playdough pictures (5 activity cards)

12. May building brick pictures (5 activity cards)

13. May counting cube pictures (5 activity cards)

14. May pattern block pictures (5 activity cards)

15. May pom-pom pictures (5 activity cards)

16. May geoboard pictures (5 activity cards)

To purchase the complete Fine Motor Printable Activities for May Morning Tubs | Bins click here or on the image below.

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