Autumn Read & Trace Sight Word Readers

Hi Everyone!

I want to share a really great resource for introducing sight word writing and reading!

I present to you, my Read & Trace Reader books! These are super simple to put together and such a great resource to use to help children practice reading and introduce sight word writing. To get a free sample booklet, click here or on any photo in this post.

This work pack is suitable for children in Preschool and Kindergarten (Prep). Much like the Autumn/Fall Sight Word Flip Books these are an amazing, quick learning tool to put together to use to get some reading practice in!

The little readers are perfect for helping to introduce sight words, sentence structure and encourages correct letter formation by allowing children to trace the focus word themselves. The written text follows a predictable pattern making it easier for children to follow the flow and assists with their reading (ideal for emergent readers).

Children can color in the pictures and trace the focus sight word on each page. Kiddos can then have a go at sounding out the letter sounds as they trace and read. By doing so, the focus sight word will be retained much more efficiently if broken down and recognized letter by letter and shown by example how it is used in a sentence.

The combination of writing and reading together enhances a child’s memory of the spelling of the word (recognizing what it looks like visually) and how the letters together make up that focus sight word. The use of the word then presented in full sentence format is such a fantastic way for children to perceive the meaning of the focus word and how it can be used to describe something.

The Read & Trace Readers are a great way to introduce and increase children’s vocabulary by the use of simple sentences and corresponding images. Children can practice their reading until they are confident and fluent and re-use these as often as they need to. They are so, so easy to put together for use and yet such a powerful tool for learning!

This is a great activity to do for individual work, but can also be read as a group (to encourage confidence in children), or even be read TO the child(ren) first before children get their own readers. Kiddos will enjoy colouring in and could even take it along with them to read on the go like in the car, appointments or take home from school to practice reading every night.

I hope you will find these Read & Trace Readers to be a helpful and valuable resource for your classroom or home!

Happy Teaching 🙂

If you would like to purchase the compete packet of readers, click here or on the image below.

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