October Writing Journal

Hello! Today I’m going to show you some of the writing pages included in my October Writing Journal packet. If you’d like some FREE SAMPLE PAGES, click here!

Writing prompts included in the October Writing Journal packet:

  • Color and label:
  • Parts of an apple
  • Parts of a pumpkin
  • Fire Truck

List writing:

  • Signs of Fall
  • Things you can do with a pumpkin
  • Firefighting Equipment

How to / procedural writing:

  • Make a Scarecrow
  • A Pumpkin Grows
  • Stop, Drop and Roll

Writing prompts with pictures:

  • In the fall, I like to wear
  • In the fall, I see (animals)
  • In the fall I like to
  • On a windy day
  • A scarecrow looks like a person. It wears
  • A pumpkin (describing)
  • I like to eat pumpkin (food)
  • Owls can
  • If there is a fire, I (fire safety)
  • A firefighter has

Opinion writing with pictured choices:

  • Favorite season (fall or spring)
  • Best pet (squirrel or raccoon)
  • Best food (pumpkins or apples)

Opinion writing II

  • The best thing about leaves in the fall is… because…
  • The best thing about scarecrows is.. because…
  • Firefighters are great because…

Narrative writing

  • Describing fall leaves (sentence writing)
  • Write a sentence to match the picture (squirrel holding acorn sitting in some leaves)
  • Write a story to match the picture (in the pumpkin patch, a girl making a scarecrow, crow flying away)
  • Write a story to match the picture (house on fire, firefighter putting out fire)

Narrative writing II

  • When I saw the big pile of leaves
  • It was so windy that
  • If I were a scarecrow
  • When I went to the pumpkin patch
  • When the fire alarm sounded

Acrostic poem:

  • October
  • Fall

Letter writing to firefighter

Happy Teaching 🙂

If you would like to purchase this packet, click here or on the image below.

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