FREE Kindergarten Summer Review Worksheets and Activities No Prep

The Kindergarten Summer Review printable worksheet packet is packed with ELA and Math no prep pages and perfect for end of school year review. Click here or on any of the two pictures below to download some free worksheets. If you would like to purchase this packet, scroll to the bottom of this post to get the link to my store.

Kindergarten Summer Review Contents

Letter and number sorting – cut and paste
How many words in a sentence?
How many syllables?
Same beginning sounds
Same ending sounds
Rhyming pairs cut and paste
Lowercase to upper case ice cream match (4 pages)
Now I know my ABCs Summer handwriting booklet
Beginning sounds cut and paste (2 pages)
Beginning blends
Beginning digraphs
Write the missing beginning sound
Write the missing beginning blend
Write the missing beginning digraph
Write the missing middle sound (short vowel)
Write the missing ending sound
Mystery CVC words
Word families
Write the CVC words
CVC words cut and paste
Long vowel sound
Mystery sight words cut and paste (8 pages)
Sight Words fill in the blanks
Summer alphabetical order
Reading comprehension
Color words
Counting at the Beach booklet
Number and number words ice cream match
Number maze (1-31)
Write the missing numbers (2 pages)
Cut and paste the missing numbers – skip counting by 2s, 5s (2 pages)
How many are there? (2 pages)
Ten frame cut and paste
Write the numbers for the ten frames (teen numbers) (2 pages)
Which has more?
Greater number
Making 10 with ten frames (2 pages)
Addition with manipulatives (2 pages)
Subtraction with manipulatives (2 pages)
Summer Patterns (AB/ABC/AAB/ABB) (4 pages)
Shapes (3 pages)
Calendar (3 pages)
Time to the hour (3 pages)
Biggest object
Shortest object
Positional words (2 pages)
Summer count and graph

To purchase the complete 104 page Kindergarten Summer Review printable worksheet packet for, click here or on the image below.

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