Autumn Preschool Centers

There is something almost magical about autumn. The leaves change color from green to yellow, orange and varying shades of red, the air smells crisp, smoke fills the air as fireplaces take center stage in many homes…  Unless you live in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Which is where I live. In that case, you can expect to see trees that are for-ever green and never change color because, well, Australian trees are mostly evergreens. The air doesn’t necessarily smell crisp either; it smells wet. As for fireplaces… Well, have you heard of “ducted heating”? Needless to say, autumn in Australia is not as fabulous as it is in Romania, where I first fell in love with this magical season, nor in America. But that didn’t stop me from creating my new Autumn Preschool Centers resource! It’s spring in Australia, but I promised that I would make this resource in time for autumn in the U.S, so here it is! I had so much fun creating this packet and I hope your kiddos enjoy using it ๐Ÿ™‚

Autumn Fall Preschool Centers

(Please note: This post does not contain all the pages included in my Autumn Preschool Centers, just a few sample pages! If you wish to purchase the complete Autumn Preschool Centers packet, scroll to the bottom of this post to acces links to my online stores.

To begin, I included an autumn leaf fine motor practice mat. We all know how important it is to build those fine motor muscles, right? I used red and orange buttons for this mat, but you can use anything that fits inside the circles. (Click the photo to get it!)

Autumn Fall Preschool Centers Fine Motor Activity

I also added a vertical pre-writing line tracing mat. I just know that your kiddos will have fun tracing down the line to show the leaf where it should fall ๐Ÿ˜‰

Autumn Fall Preschool Centers Pre-Writing Practice

Of course, I included some horizontal pre-writing tracing cards too. (Click the photo to get it!)

Autumn Fall Preschool Centers Pre-Writing Tracing Cards

I also included some autumn themed alphabet tracing cards. Each card displays an autumn related picture and each upper and lower case letter displays correct letter formation with a red dot to show the starting point. To secure the cards together, I made a hole with a hole punch in each card and strung them onto a key-ring. (Click the photo to get A-F)

Autumn Fall Preschool Centers Alphabet Tracing Cards

I also made an upper and lower case matching activity and, if your kiddos are ready for it, you can add the beginning sound pictures too. If you’d like to work on fine motor muscles, just glue the leaves onto some clothes pegs, as I did. (Click the photo to get A-D.)

Autumn Fall Preschool Centers Alphabet Beginning Sounds D

Two words: sight words. Kiddos need to learn them to read, right? This Preschool Autumn Centers set includes a total of 40 words to help get your kiddos started! The focus is on 1-1 correspondence and letter order. (Click the photo to get some sample pages.)

Autumn Fall Preschool Centers Sight Words

Next up, are number tracing cards for numbers 1-10. Each card displays a picture of an apple half with the number of seeds displayed on the card. These cards also show correct number formation with a starting dot. (Click the photo to get numbers 1-3.)

Autumn Fall Preschool Centers Number Tracing Cards

I decided to also include an actual apple seed counting activity. I have included apple seed pictures which you can use or, if you prefer, you can use real apple seeds. (Click the photo to get it!)

Autumn Fall Preschool Centers Apple Seed Counting

I think my favorite activity from the Autumn Preschool Centers packet is the pumpkin seed number sorting activity with different number representations. (Click the photo to get numbers 1-3.)

Autumn Fall Preschool Centers Pumpkin Number Sense

Also included is a squirrel and acorn shape sorting activity. I decided to use shapes in real life in this packet. (Click the photo to get the shapes pictured.)

Autumn Fall Preschool Centers Squirrel and Acorns Shapes Match

Color matching is a must for any preschool packet. Especially autumn colors! This packet includes all colors, but you could use only the red, orange and yellow tree and leaves if you wish! (Click the photo to get red, orange and yellow!)

Autumn Fall Preschool Centers Sorting Leaves to Trees by Color Yellow

I have also included a few AB pattern cards featuring different autumn leaves…

Autumn Fall Preschool Centers AB Fall Leaf Patterns

A “Which picture is different?” card set…

Autumn Fall Preschool Centers Which Picture is Different

… that can be made “self-checking” by adding a dot on the back of the correct picture.

I have also added a set of “What doesn’t belong” cards.

Autumn Fall Preschool Centers What Doesn't Belong

And, to finish, I included some sequencing cards to show the life cycles of an apple and pumpkin.

Autumn Fall Preschool Centers Apple Life Cycle
Autumn Fall Preschool Centers Pumpkin Life Cycle

Thank you so much for stopping by to check out this resource! I hope it’s something that your kiddos will love and enjoy using!

To purchase the complete Autumn / Fall Preschool Centers packet from TPT, click here.

To purchase the complete Autumn / Fall Preschool Centers packet from Kinder-Resources, click here.

Autumn Fall Preschool Centers

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  1. Fall is in full swing here in New York! The leaves are almost at full peak. Thank you for creating this fun and colorful packet.

  2. Robyn Hackett

    do you have a place where you can get all letter tracing cards and all number tracing cards?

  3. Debra Bennett

    Awesome packet.I am so excited to put it all together…(well actually you did all that!).
    I just cannot wait to print and laminate and observe the children engaging in the wonderful centers.They will love it.
    Thanks so much.

  4. Debra Bennett

    Hi again. I am from Canada …the northern country in North America…above the U.S.
    We also have fabulous autumn foliage with magnificent colours.

  5. Is there a way to get just the autumn tree color sorting game in more colors without buying the whole bundle?

  6. Oprea Nicoleta

    Buna, sunt profesoara pentru invatamant prescolar, si vreau sa te felicit pentru minunatele tale creatii. Am o intrebare, cum as putea sa-mi creez eu insami astfel de materiale didactice, tinand cont ca nu am voie la gradi , deoarece predau la o gradinita de stat din Romania sa trec cerintele in alta limba. Ce program, sau cum sa creez imaginile? Iti multumesc anticipat, iti doresc, tie si familiei tale multa sanatate si bunul Dumnezeu sa va binecuvanteze cu cele mai minunate daruri! NicoletaOprea

  7. Denise Kaffenberger

    How can we get a FULL set of the activities? Instead of just A-F or 1-3
    Very cute ideas
    Thank you,

  8. Hi! Thank you so much for this great packet! Would it be okay for me to include this page in a round-up blog post I am working on that is specifically about learning sight words with leaf activities? (Permission to link to your site and possibly use one of the images to show your activity?) I would be so honored, and of course I would leave a link to this page giving you credit to tell people where it came from! ๐Ÿ™‚ PS – My site is all about literacy and tools for beginning readers at

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