September Fine Motor Morning Tubs | Bins

Fine Motor Morning Bins for September

Hi everyone! Today is all about fine motor morning bins that help fine motor skills development. The September packet includes the same type of activities that are included in the Fine Motor Morning Bins for August; of course, the images are now more Autumn-themed.

1. Autumn picture punch cards (5 cards)

2. Autumn cutting practice (8 cards)

3. Autumn dab the mystery picture (5 pages)

4. Autumn q-tip dot painting pictures (5 pages)

5. Autumn pokey pin/pinning pictures (5 pages). These look great on the classroom or home windows!

6. Autumn sequence and trace the picture (5 pages)

7. Autumn lacing cards (5 cards)

8. Autumn patterns (5 cards)

9. Autumn mazes (5 activity cards)

10. Autumn missing color pictures (5 activity cards)

11. Autumn play dough pictures (5 activity cards)

12. Autumn building brick pictures (5 activity cards)

13. Autumn counting cube pictures (5 activity cards).

14. Autumn pattern block pictures (5 activity cards)

15. Autumn pom-pom pictures (5 activity cards). I decided to ditch the pom-poms and use buttons instead.

16. Autumn geoboard pictures (5 activity cards). I used loom bands for this activity because they come in all shapes and fun colors!

If you would like to purchase this packet, click here or the image below.

September Fine Motor JPG

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