Sunday School Lesson 17 | Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors

We started off this lesson by summarizing what happened last week using the characters of Jacob, Leah and Rebekah from Lesson 15 and Lesson 16. We also used Jacob’s Sons craft from Lesson 16 to go over the names of all his sons while bringing to the kids’ attention that Joseph and Benjamin were born to Jacob in his old age. Out of all Jacobs 12 sons Joseph was his favorite!

We decided to do the story of Joseph over three lessons. In this lesson we focused on Joseph receiving a special gift from his father and the dreams he had that led to him being hated by his brothers and eventually sold into slavery.

We first read the story of Joseph and the special coat his father gave him. The kids always sit so well, captivated by the stories we read. Using this week’s lesson aids, we asked them what special present Joseph received. We talked about how his brothers might have felt about that and if it was a good idea for Jacob to give such a pretty and, most likely, expensive gift only to Joseph.

We went on discussing the dreams Joseph had and how that made his brothers hate him even more. Even his parents thought that he might be making up his dream! It must have been super hard for Joseph to play and have fun with his brothers if they didn’t like him and were mean to him. But from the story, we saw that Joseph had a good heart.

We talked about how Joseph gladly obeyed his father by taking some food for his brothers, who were far away tending sheep. The little ones where quick to answer what happened next: Joseph’s brothers threw him into a pit, but they didn’t let him die there and they sold him to some traders passing by. Then they lied to their father about what had happened to Joseph, saying that a wild animal must have killed him.

We ended the story asking the children how Joseph might have felt (sad, scared, angry), but even though all those bad things happened to him (brothers betraying him, sold into slavery, going to a foreign country) someone was there with him…God! We left the kids eager to come next week to find out what happened next and how God was with Joseph.

We had a simple, yet fun craft for the kids to end the lesson with. Once the little ones colored in their picture of Joseph they were super exited to use glitter to decorate Joseph’s coat and make it very pretty.

Please click here to download everything in English. Please note: I have included both Australian (British) and American English spelling options in this packet. The first half of this file contains British spelling and the second American spelling.

Please click here to download everything in Romanian.


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  1. Hello! I cannot thank you enough for your resources. I teach preschool Sunday and I have used these along side our curriculum. I’ve looked through your posts to see if you have the stories as they continue. I haven’t seen anything. I wondered if you created this resource or pulled from somewhere else. I would to continue to work with these! Thank you again!!

  2. Love these resources! Thanks for sharing! I’ve been wanting to do a lesson about Joseph in conjunction with something more serious about forgiveness for the older kids.

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