Preschool Winter Activities

I just finished a new Preschool activity packet and wanted to share some of the work Filip and I did today.

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The activity Filip was most excited about was the snowman maze. He suggested he trace the path to the black snowman with his finger first, in case he made any mistakes. Then Filip used a pencil and finished the activity by dotting along the pencil line.

We also did a beginning sounds cut and paste activity. My little man has become so confident at identifying beginning sounds, and it makes my mummy heart happy to see him excited about his progress!

We also did a CVC activity. I colored the pictures for Filip and he dotted the correct word. I’d just like to add a note here to let you know that I have updated this page as all the correct answers were on the left. Oopsy!

We also did a rhyming activity. I initially explained to Filip that rhyming words have the same ending. However, we also have to listen at the ending because sometimes words are spelled differently, even though they sound the same (such as bear and chair).

We also tried a sight words activity. The only word Filip could read was “I” and he guessed “like”, so I had to read out the different words to him and he did an awesome job at arranging them in order.

Reading comprehension. It’s SUCH a big deal in schools these days as kids don’t seem to be comprehending what they’re reading. I have a theory about why this is so, as I’m sure many parents and teachers do, but this is definitely not the time to discuss that.

I have decided to include a booklet and comprehension page in my preschool packets to encourage beginning readers to practice literal comprehension. I read the booklet to Filip, then read out the questions and answer options to him. He did very well, but I suppose that is because I read the book to him 😉

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Good luck!

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  1. My Sydney liked this packet, too. She picked a couple of Math activties from it to work on today. When I showed her the maze on here with the paint dots, she decided she needed to do it that way as well.

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