Preschool Letter N

Preschool Letter N! It was an exciting week for us as we celebrated my little man’s 4th birthday and the countdown seemed to never end – at least according to him! Stick around to the end of the post as we have a special giveaway for 4 lucky people!

But, first things first, here’s what we did for our Preschool Letter N! I printed out a set of beginning N Vocabulary Cards and mixed them up with a couple of cards from other sets. (Throughout this post, click on the word links to take you to the complete unit in my TpT store, or the pictures to get the freebies!) I then covered the words with some sticky notes, like so…

In My Word Preschool Letter N Vocabulary Cards

Then Filip said the name of each picture, the beginning sound, and then peeled off the sticky note to check his answer. He LOVED the self-checking aspect of this activity!

In My Word Preschool Letter N Vocabulary Cards

We then sorted our cards by beginning sound and Filip noticed we had more N cards…

In My Word Preschool Letter N Vocabulary Cards

As with all our Preschool Letters, we brought out our N Playdough mat and learned letter formation first by finger tracing, then tracing with a white board marker and finally building it using whatever objects we found at home. Today, Filip used unifix cubes.

In My Word Preschool Letter N Play Dough Mats

Then, we played our Sound Hound Game, which he continues to love. We are still at the stage where the break-up of sounds is very exaggerated. Our “sound isolation” goes something like this: “N-eck-lace”, “Pri-n-cess”, “ca-bi-n”.

In My Word Sound Hound

We did a Beginning Sounds page using our dot-paints. They are still an all-time favourite for my little man!

In My Word Beginning Sounds with dot-paints

He then searched for lower and upper case n

In My Word Upper and Lower case Letter Find

He did a lower case writing page from the Measured Mom.

The Measured Mom Tracing

And then we moved on to our focus number for the week: number 6! Filip brought out the playdough this time…

In My Word Preschool Number 6 Play Dough Mats

We finished Day 1 with our Preschool Cut and Paste Number page.

In My Word Preschool Cut and Paste numbers

We started Day 2 with some more finger and white board tracing and then Filip used Lego bricks to build the Letter N.

In My Word Preschool Letter N Play Dough Mats

Filip then used this funky stamp to make his way through our Letter Maze...

In My Word Letter Maze

And then we used glitter paint to do this Q-Tip printable from 1plus1plus1equals1.

In My Word Q-Tip printables

We moved on to some word-building and Filip ordered our beginning N CVC puzzles to make words.

In My Word CVC Word Puzzles

Here are the 4 words he made this week… He was intrigued by the word “nun”, wanting to know if that is a teasing word for the lady! I think he thought it was “none”! Gotta love a child’s sweet innocence 🙂

In My Word CVC Word Puzzles

We then brought out our CVC Phoneme Segmentation cards and Scrabble letter tiles and built the words below:

In My Word CVC Word Segmentation Cards

We are still at the stage where I isolate each sound as he points to the sound boxes, but he is definitely getting close to being able to do this independently!

In My Word CVC Word Segmentation Cards

We then read some beginning N CVC words using our Word Slider cards.

In My Word CVC Word Slider Cards

After, we moved on to our focus number and Filip traced the number 6 and drew the circles on the ten frame using a dry-erase crayon.

In My Word Number Play Dough Mat

He then stamped his way through our Number 6 Maze:

In My Word Number Maze

And then got awesomely creative with our Number Concepts page… You see, he didn’t want to leave any white spots on the hands…

In My Word Number Concepts

We started Day 3 with our beginning N CVC words cut and paste page.

In My World CVC cut and paste

End result!

In My World CVC cut and paste

I introduced a new booklet this week: an -AP Word Family Flip-Flap Booke! Filip LOVES booklets and often asks for his own readers when his older brothers and sister read their books from school. While this is not exactly what he had in mind, I think it’s a good fit for him at the moment.

In My World CVC Word Family Flip Flap book

To assemble the booklet, cut out the letter flaps and picture flips, like so:

In My World CVC Word Family Flip Flap book

Then stapled the letter flaps to the left and the picture flips to the right. All done!

In My World CVC Word Family Flip Flap book

Filip read the words made as he turned the letter flaps, and then he matched them up to the corresponding picture flip. This was a big success for my little man and he felt so proud he could make matches!

In My World CVC Word Family Flip Flap book

We also did a Number 6 flip book, dot-painting the pictures and counting to 6 each time.

In My World Number Flip book

We finished our Preschool Letter N with an alphabet craft. We did N for night…

In My World Letter N Craft - night and numbers

And n for numbers…

In My World Letter N Craft - night and numbers

And, at the end of the week, my precocious baby turned 4! Here’s a pic of the little guy and me – check it out, he even brushed his hair for the occasion 😀

In My Word Preschool Letter N (1)

To make Filip’s birthday extra special, we would like to give 4 of our readers and Facebook fans the opportunity to win any item of their choice from my TpT store!

To enter this giveaway:

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3. Check my Facebook page in 48 hours to see if you won!

Here is a pdf. with all the FREEBIES from this post. (Please note: this freebie pack DOES NOT include freebies linked to my online store.)

In My World BLOG Freebies N1

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Michelle, and sharing this giveaway for me 🙂
    We aren’t using any sight words activities at the moment as my personal preference is to teach kids to read phonetically. Once Filip becomes confident reading CVC words, I plan to introduce some readers and we will start tackling sight words then!

  2. Happy Birthday, Little Man! You are one lucky Munchkin to have a creative and loving Mum. Enjoy your special day.

    Bless your heart Lavinia for sharing your products freely. 🙂

    Blessings from Hawaii!

  3. Happy Birthday Filip hope you have many more! Thanks Lavina for sharing all these ideas and I love you’re work. Wish you many happy year ahead with your little man!

  4. First off, your son is ADORABLE!! Love that pic of you both!! He must love all of your activities! I recently bought from your store the Sight Words Comprehension Readers for Primer Words and I love it! (Love all of your products!) I would love the Comprehension Readers for the Primer version as well! Happy birthday to your little guy and happy teaching:-)

    1. I’m sorry. I meant to say that I bought the Pre-Primer version and would love the Primer version of the Comprehension Readers. Thanks again!!

  5. Thank you for the chance and Happy Birthday to Filip!
    I recently found your stuff and have already bought your letter of the week bundle to use with my homeschooling kindergartner. She LOVES it and so do I. Thank you for all of your products and I hope to have a lot of them before the year is up. If I were to win I think the Daily Literacy Unit would be very helpful for my kindergartner in the future but my second grader now as easy work.
    Thank you again for the chance.

  6. Thanks for a chance to win one of your great resources. Recently, I purchased the Back to School Maths and Literacy Worksheets and also the CVC card sliders and my daughter enjoys doing them. She will just sit on the table and can’t wait to do them while I printed them out.
    I really hope to win this
    I’m sure my daughter would love them.

    Happy Birthday to Filip and thanks once again.

    1. Hi Lavinia, I’m interested in the CVC words cut and paste but I couldn’t find it in your store. The link provided above directed me to Number Concept 1-20 worksheets instead. Can you direct me to the link please? Thanks.


  7. I love all of your resources, it was hard to choose the one I’d most like to win. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your products!! And, happy birthday to Filip!! I always enjoy reading your blog; I’m taking notes for when my little guy is ready for me to teach him :). But, for now, I use your resources and ideas to teach my struggling readers (I’m a reading specialist for grades K-5).
    The resource I would most love to win right now is These will be perfect for my first and second graders!!

    Thanks again!!
    Erin 🙂

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