Preschool Letter T

Preschool Letter T

It’s taken a while to do our Preschool Letter T, but here it finally is!

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We started with our Letter T Play Dough Mats. I wanted to change things up a bit for my little man, so, this week, I filled a large snap-lock bag with some hair gel and gel beads and squished the beads around to form the letters.

Preschool Letter T Alphabet Play Dough Mat with gel beads

My little man had lots of fun pushing and squishing the beads around to form upper and lower case T. Here is the final result:

Preschool Letter T (24)

He also did a Letter T Letter Find page…

Preschool Letter T FREE Letter Find

And practiced writing upper case and lower case T with our Write and Wipe Cards:

Preschool Letter T Write and Wipe cards

And here are the writing cards, all completed:

Preschool Letter T FREE Write and Wipe cards

Filip also did a Letter T Sound Hound sorting game… Here are the cards sorted by beginning, middle and ending sound positions:

Preschool Letter T Sound Hound

Then we did the cut and paste activity from our Beginning Sounds Scoops unit.

My little man is telling me that he knows all the pictures…

Preschool Letter T Beginning Sounds


Preschool Letter T FREE Beginning Sounds cut and paste

Of course, Filip also did a Number 12 Play Dough Mat using our new squishy bag and unifix cubes.

Preschool Number 12 Play Dough Mat with gel beads and unifix cubes

We Started Day 2 with a Letter T Maze:

Preschool Letter T FREE Maze

And then used some beads to do this Q-Tip Printable….

Preschool Letter T FREE Fine Motor Printable

Filip also did a Letter T word work page:

Preschool Letter T FREE Word Work Page

He read our beginning T word slider cards… We are still working on getting rid of the “uh” sound at the end of some of the letters. He’s catching on, though!

 Preschool Letter T FREE Word Slider Cards

OK. This is a HUGE milestone for us. For the FIRST TIME EVER, he sounded out the words on our CVC Phonoeme Segmentation Cards and wrote down each letter! I was SO excited!

Here he is, unsure of how to write the letter “e” and looking on our Alphabet Posters for guidance.

 Preschool Letter T CVC Phoneme Segmentation Cards

Voila! A very good “e” if I do say so myself 🙂

Preschool Letter T CVC Phoneme Segmentation Cards Writing

And here are all the cards he did! So proud of my little man!

Preschool Letter T FREE CVC Phoneme Segmentation Cards Finished

Day 3 started with a beginning T CVC cut and paste page. This time around, we didn’t cut out all the letter tiles, but kept them together and matched them to each word.

Preschool Letter T FREE Beginning T word work page

Then Filip dotted his way through a Number 12 maze.

Preschool Number 12 Maze

Next he did a Number 12 worksheet.

Preschool Number 12 FREE Worksheet

He read and ET Word Family book. He liked this booklet so much that he read to his dad several times and then again to me at the end of the day. I love his enthusiasm!

FREE Word Families Flip Book

We finished off our Preschool Letter T with a craft:

Preschool Letter T Craft

And there you have it! Preschool Letter T all done!

Click here to download a pdf. with all the FREEBIES from this post.

(Please note: the freebie pack DOES NOT include freebies linked to my online store.)



6 thoughts on “Preschool Letter T”

  1. Love the letter T, that’s brilliant about the phoneme segmentation cards and that ‘e’ is just fabulous! Keep up the good work Filip, and sang wait to see what happens next week! Hope everything is going well with you and the other kids! Fantastic ways to do letter of the week, thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. HI Lavina,
    I love your website. I am following your blog to teach my 3 yo girl alphabet . I am interested on the gel bead writing mat. May I know how to make this. I need a hair gel and gel beads ( silica gel?). Would love to make this for my girl.


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