Autumn Directed Drawing Writing

I want to share a really fun work pack with you guys! This Autumn Directed Drawing pack is great for encouraging visual analysis but also really good for fine motor skill development and hand-eye co-ordination. I am so excited to share it with you! 🙂

Inside are 10 Autumn themed directed drawings with 3 different writing and drawing pages each. A cover page, an extra lined writing page and blank drawing pages are also included. Autumn themed drawings included are: acorn, apple, crow, jam, jar, leaf, mushroom, owl, pumpkin, scarecrow and sunflower.

Click any of the photos in this post to download a FREE SAMPLE PAGE.

These directional drawing pages are so fun to follow and a great way to teach children how to draw. Included is a full page directional drawing page visually showing the step by step process to create the drawing. Directed drawings are beneficial to help children learn to pay attention to detail and practice following instructions.

They are also a great way to instigate the artistic qualities in children and are self-esteem boosters. Children get the opportunity to see that they CAN draw by following instructions and creating their own art. For someone not confident in drawing, a directional drawing could be a game-changer and could spark a love for drawing that they never had as they see themselves capable of it with a little visual guidance.

The ‘Draw It’ pages have half a page of drawing directions and the other half has a blank space to draw the picture. Children should follow each visual step to create their own drawing in the space provided. They can colour it in also and add their own originality if they wish to expand on the image.

‘Draw and write’ pages have half a page of drawing directions with room to draw the image below but also have a few lined lines to write a sentence about their drawing. This is a great activity to encourage handwriting and sentence building using the vocabulary word for the image provided on the page.

Extra lined writing pages are provided and particularly beneficial if you wish to direct this drawing activity into a story writing development activity too. Children can practice sentence building to write a few things about the drawing they created.

For children lacking confidence- feeling they still cannot do it on their own, model the directions for them to see you participating also and encourage them to give it a go. This alone can be of great help. Praise for their efforts will work wonders!

I am certain you will find this workbook very useful and your kiddos will enjoy following these to create their own picture and colour them in!

Happy teaching 🙂

If you would like to purchase this packet, click here or the image below.

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