Preschool Letter R

Preschool Letter R

Letter R Alphabet Play Dough Math

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Preschool Letter R was a fun and colourful week for us!

We started with our letter R play dough mat! Filip shaped the letter with kinetic sand and then he pushed some colored wooden beads into the sand.

Letter R Alphabet Play Dough Mat

Next, we worked on upper and lower case letter R recognition with this page from my Letter Find packet. Dot paints make worksheets fun 😉

 Letter Find FREE

Then Filip coloured all the pictures the begin with the “r” sound with the letter R page from my Beginning Sounds: Color It unit.

Beginning Sounds FREE

He also practiced writing upper and lower case R, saying the the “r” sound as he went. (Alphabet Write and Wipe packet).

Write and Wipe Alphabet Cards FREE

And then we sorted the letter R cards from my Sound Hound unit.

Sound Hound FREE

We moved on to the Numeracy part of our table work. This week, the focus was Number 10.

I placed the Number 10 play dough mat under the mosaic pin board and Filip placed the pins following the directions on the mat underneath.

Preschool Number 10

Easy-peazy and so much fun!

Preschool Number 10

We finished Day 1 with our Preschool Numbers cut and paste 10 page.

FREE Number 10 cut and paste

We started Day 2 with an upper and lower case R maze.

Alphabet Maze FREE

Then Filip practice writing upper and lower case and reading some CVC words.

Alphabet Worksheet FREE

Next, Filip read the beginning letter R CVC words from my CVC Word Slider Cards unit.

CVC Word Sliders FREE

Then Filip ordered the beginning letter R puzzles from my CVC Puzzles unit to make CVC words.

 CVC Puzzles FREE

CVC Puzzles FREE

We finished Day 2 with our beginning letter R Phoneme Segmentation Cards.

CVC Phoneme Segmentation Cards FREE

CVC Phoneme Segmentation Cards FREE

We started Day 3 with our beginning letter R CVC cut and paste word work page. Can you spot my sweetheart’s error? 😉

FREE CVC Word Work

Then we assembled and read our “AN” word family flip-flip book.

AN Word Family Flip-Flap Book FREE

Moving on to Numeracy, Filip followed the Number 10 through the maze.

FREE Number Maze

Then he practiced writing the Number 10 and displaying it on the base ten-block.

Number Concepts worksheet FREE

Next, we read our Number 10 flip-book and Filip used dot paints to dot and count the sea animals on each page.

Number Flip Book FREE

Of course, our Preschool learning would not be complete without our letter craft! This week, we did upper case R for rain and rainbow and lower case r for red rooster.

Letter Templates FREE

Letter Templates FREE

Yes. We used sequins! Great for fine motor, but Filip needed me to help him.

Having them stored in these containers makes the sequins easier to retrieve! Prior to finding these containers, I used to store the sequins in zip-lock bags; you can understand why I’m excited about my new storage solution 😉 And, best of all, they screw-lock one on top of the other!

Storage solution for sequins

Click on the image below to download a pdf. with all the FREEBIES from this post.

(Please note: the freebie pack DOES NOT include freebies linked to my online store.)

Preschool Letter R (16)

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  1. I’m searching high and low to no avail for the “mosaic pin board.” Do you have a source? Great unit! Thanks so much for the freebies!

  2. Do you sell the entire alphabet of phoneme segmentation cards? I would love to purchase them for my kinder class.

  3. Wow! You have the most amazing ideas. I love how you integrate, how your activities have an “active” component to them, and the variety of ways your activities allow students to practice. Each time I find something I love in Google or Pinterest lately, it seems to be made by you! Thank you for being so creative, ingenious, and for sharing 🙂

  4. Thanks so so so much for this materials, they are so useful and I am so happy that there are people like you kind.

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