Writing Journal: Prompts for January | Winter

About this book
This book contains 24 writing pages. Included are both fiction and non-fiction writing pages for each topic. Two cover pages and additional writing drawing pages have been added.

These writing pages can be used during independent writing time, creative and story journal writing, writer’s workshop, writing centers, small group instruction, homework, and morning work.

January topics: New Year and new year resolutions, polar animals, snow play, winter sports

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Packet Contents:

  1. Writing Sentences (fiction & non-fiction): children will write a simple sentence about each picture.
  2. Directed Drawing (fiction & non-fiction): children will follow the drawing directions to create their own drawing. They should add a background and other details to the main picture and then write about it.
  3. Inference (fiction): children will look at the picture and find clues to help them answer the question at the top of the page. They will then write a story to show what they think happened in the picture.
  4. Narrative (fiction): children will write a story using the pictures in the first, then, and last boxes as a guide.
  5. Problem Narrative (fiction): children will write a story using the pictures in the character, setting and problem boxes as a guide.
  6. Writing to Inform (non-fiction): children will label the main picture using the words from the word bank. They will then write an informational or instructional piece on the topic.

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