Sight Words and Word Families Week 2

Sight Words and Word Families Week 2

Today I’m showing you another sight words and word families activity week. This is what Filip and I did for Sight Words and Word Families Week 2. Throughout this Sight Words and Word Families post, click the hyperlinked text to take you to the complete unit in my store or the original resource link, or click the photos to get the freebies!

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Week 2 sight words: can, me, the, you

Week 2 Word family: an

sight words and word families

After we took down the first week’s worksheets, I glued them into a project book. Click here to purchase the Pre-Primer Sight Words Word Wall packet and here for the complete Word Family Posters packet.

FREE Sight Words and Word Family Activities

Many of the activities we did this week are the same as what we did during the first week, but since it’s been so long since I blogged about the first week, I know you won’t mind seeing the activities again. We started each day with a Sight Words Word Find.

FREE Sight Words Word Find

We then moved on to doing a Sight Words Cut and Paste activity. I love these worksheets as they focus on correct letter sequence and help children to grasp the concept that letter sequence is vital when reading and writing.

FREE Sight Words Cut and Paste activity

Then Filip did a Sight Word Q-tip activity. Of course, this was always his favorite because he got to paint and sprinkle glitter and all that stuff we all love 😉 (Click the photo to download some q-tip sight word freebies.)

FREE Sight Words Q-Tip printables

We did the above sight word activities Monday – Thursday. Each day, we also read from my Sight Words Fluency Reading Homework packet. I LOVE this resource as it incorporates both sight words and CVC words. AND each page builds on the previous one, making sure that sight words learnt in the past are never forgotten! This week, I printed out all the pages and bound them into a booklet. I think I like having them like this more than putting them into plastic sleeves.

FREE Sight Words Reading Fluency Homework Passages

Friday, I decided to test my lil’ man to see how he was picking things up. He did 2 pages from the Pre-Primer Revise and Assess packet. It took him a little while to understand what the word search was all about, but he quickly got how to write the missing words for the bottom activity. For the second page, Filip only needed help with unscrambling and writing the word correctly. And coloring the flower. Let’s be honest – coloring is really not his favorite thing!

FREE Sight Words Word Work Page
FREE Sight Words Word Work Page

We finished off our sight words study by reading together a Pre-Primer Sight Words Comprehension reader.

FREE Sight Words Booklets with Reading Comprehension pages

Each day, we also did a word family activity. Monday, we did did a Word Family Word Building Activity. We had previously used small letters, but this week I decided to go with alphabet stickers.

FREE -an Word Family Word Building Mat

Tuesday, we did a “Who Lives Here?” flip up flip book. Filip did not understand what this was about until after it had been put together. I wrote the words on the front and, once I lifted the flap to show that it revealed a picture of the word on the house, he had his light-bulb moment.

FREE -an Word Family Flip Up Flip Books

Wednesday we did a Word Family “Color It!” worksheet. I know. He colored everything green. I really wonder how any child of mine could CHOOSE to NOT use different colors to make things look pretty!?!

FREE -an Word Family Coloring Page

Thursday we did a Word Family cut and paste sorting activity. Obviously, I helped him color the pictures. I didn’t want to risk another “green” incident 😉

FREE -an Word Family Cut and Paste Sorting Activity

Since we did two sight words worksheets on Friday, I decided to do a fun sorting activity for our word family part. I wrote some CVC words that we learnt this week and some from last week on some popsicle sticks and printed off some cute roof templates and voila – a fun hands-on sorting activity! After Filip had sorted the words under the correct roof, he wrote them a recording page. (Click here or the photo to get the complete roof templates and writing pages.)

FREE Word Family printable roofs with recording page

Alrighty! So, that’s our Sight Words and Word Family Week 2 all done! I hope you found the freebies from this post helpful!

word families activity

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  1. Jessica Britt

    Thank you for these wonderful resources! I just started tutoring a first grader who is still struggling with Kindergarten sight words, so these are wonderful!

  2. It is wonderful for you to share these amazing resources with us! I can’t wait to use these with my students!

  3. These resources were great. Thanks for sharing.I’m looking forward to using them with my students.

  4. Do you sell any more of the booklets that you show for pre primer reading. I will download the two, but wondered if there are more.

  5. Thankyou for sharing your wonderful ideas. We are going to celebrate literacy day in our preschool. Yours truly helpful. Will truly use the ideas 😄

  6. Karen Thurnau

    It is very generous of you to share your ideas. Thank you for your ideas and hard work. You are helping teachers and children everywhere.

  7. You are really a generous person to have shared these valuable resources. So many parents, teachers and students across the world are benefited especially in places where resources are limited. I have started to use few of them with my small group of ESL children. God bless!

  8. Thank you SO much for these resources. I am a new homeschool mom of 3 boys that range from high school to elementary. These resources give me so much confidence and help me with my youngest son’s education. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this! Very well organized and fun activities!!! Alicia (

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