FREE June Writing Journal Prompts

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The June Writing Journal Prompts contains a collection of journal prompts for the month of June. The simple prompts are ideal for beginning and struggling writers in Kindergarten, Grade 1and Grade 2.

To download some free pages from the June Writing Journal Prompts packet, click here or on the image below. To purchase the 46-page packet, scroll to the bottom of this blog post.


Cover page (page 5)

Color and label (pages 6-8)

– girl at the beach

– fish

– crab

List writing (pages 9-11)

– Best summer activities

– Best ice cream flavors

– Ocean Creatures

How to / procedural writing (pages 12-17)

– How To Make Lemonade (with and without pictures)

– Life Cycle of a Honey Bee (with and without pictures)

– How To Make a Sandcastle (with and without pictures)

Writing prompts with pictures (pages 18-27)

– My dad can

– My dad is

– I know summer is here because

– In summer I wear

– When it is hot

– At the beach I can

– At the beach I see

– I can be sage when I play in the sun

– Crabs have

– Seahorses have

Opinion writing with pictured choices (pages 28-30)

– I would rather eat (an ice cream or a popsicle) because…

– I would rather have a (shark or dolphin) for a pet because…

– On a hot day, I would rather (read a book or swim in the pool) because…

Opinion writing II (pages 30-33)

– My dad is special… because

– The best thing about summer is… because

– I think the best ice cream flavor is… because

Narrative writing (pages 32-37)

– Describing fathers (sentence writing)

– Write a sentence to match the picture (two boys eating a banana split)

– Write a story to match the picture (father and daughter going fishing)

– Write a story to match the picture (divers in the ocean finding treasure chest)

Narrative writing II (pages 38-42)

– During summer vacation

– One day, it was so hot that

– If I lived in the ocean

– If I found a magic shell

– If I lived inside a sandcastle

Acrostic poem (page 43)

– June

Simile poem (page 44)

– My Dad

Letter writing to a friend (page 45)

Additional page with handwriting lines (pages 46)

To purchase the complete 46-page June Writing Journal Prompts, click here or on the image below.

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