Thanksgiving Vocabulary Booklet

Hi everyone! I have a Thanksgiving themed vocabulary booklet for your kiddos to enjoy and use to practice their reading and writing skills. ‘My book of Thanksgiving Words’ was created to assist in establishing fundamental reading skills as well as increasing vocabulary through exercise of reading the prepared words and practice writing of them.

To download some free sample pages, click here or on any photo in this blog post.

This little reading book is amazing for beginner readers! It has corresponding Thanksgiving themed images on the page, which will assist in prompting the children to what the word is.  What is even better is that it also has the written word available for tracing and then a lined space under the image for the word to then be hand-written by the child.

To prepare the booklet simply print the pages provided. Cut them in half and staple them together.  Children are to examine the picture on each page and the word that they see alongside it. They can guess what it is if they do not already know. The children are to trace the focus word and then attempt to write it themselves on the space provided. Once completed, students can then color in their pictures. This is wonderful for individual work but also great as a whole class activity or a small group task.

Under my ‘directions for use’ instruction page, I have included another idea of how this work pack can be used in your classroom to create a classroom booklet or to use as homework pages. It is a versatile reading activity that encourages children to practice letter/ word identification and tracing and writing skills. This will benefit them much in learning the vocabulary words provided.

I have included an extra lined page if you would like to encourage your children to create full sentences using the focus word. This would be especially beneficial for children that do already have an understanding of sentence structure and are confident in writing.

Being a small stapled reader, children can easily flip through the booklet as often as they like and will enjoy looking at and colouring in the cute autumn themed pictures that match the corresponding focus words.

I am hopeful that this is will be a great resource for your classroom or home and will help you children increase their vocabulary.

If you would like to purchase the complete packet, click here or on the image below.

Happy teaching! 🙂

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