Preschool Farm Theme Week 2

We continued with our Preschool Farm Theme, though what I had hoped to do in one week ended up getting done in 2, as Filip came down with a nasty cold half way through! Poor little person: he’s still not completely over it as I write this post πŸ™

We started our Farm theme with a completely new concept: non-standard measurement using unifix cubes.

He LOVED it! We took turns guessing how many cubes long each picture would measure. Here is a picture of him assembling a “ruler cube”.

We then ordered the cards from shortest to tallest.

We did the build-a-word activity again, this time using the 4-letter cards. Filip the wanted to match our farm animals to the cards.

Filip really enjoyed this activity. He was actually sounding out each letter as he put it down and it seemed like he would be ready to start reading CVC words.

Next, we did a count and graph activity. I laminated the pages, intending to use them with whiteboard markers. However, when we pulled the lids off the markers, we discovered that the tips had all been pushed in. Lesson learnt: never leave Filip unsupervised with the whiteboard markers as he pushes the tips in :/

So he used the dot-paints instead. This would have been fine had I not laminated the pages…

We started our first worksheet with a word counting page. The aim is to reinforce 1 to 1 correspondence.

We then did a measurement activity – same concept as with the unifix cubes previously, only this time we had our “cube ruler” already built. We colored the cubes to make them pretty πŸ™‚

He measured and counted.

And recorded his answers using dot-paints to show how many cubes tall each picture was. We did this because Filip can’t write numbers, just yet!

We used dot paints again for the count and graph worksheets! Can you tell that they are a favourite in our house?

We took out the kinetic sand and lined up the animals on one side and took them for a walk/trot across the sand. We talked about how each animal has a unique print.

One thing we could have done, but didn’t, was to mix up the animls and
match each one to the correct print.

For our craft project, we made these little cuties.

We got this idea from Crafts by Amanda.

We used the little critters to help us when choosing an animal for Old MacDonald’s farm. “And on that farm he had a….”

We also used our farm animal matching cards to match the “mum and kids”, as Filip puts it πŸ™‚

We also matched our “real” farm animals!

We finished off used our 3-part cards. Filip continues to try and read words when he sees them on cards. I will definitely be adding some CVC reading activities to our Preschool Letter of the Week when we get back into it!

And there you have it: Preschool Farm Theme completed!

You can download the FREE 3 part cards here!

The activities in this post are included in the following resources. Click on each image to go to my TpT store where you can download some free samples from each packet or purchase it.

Happy Teaching πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Preschool Farm Theme Week 2”

  1. Absolutely awesome way to finish the unit, pity about his cold though, I hope he feels better and is bouncing around again soon! It sure does sound like he’s nearly ready for cvc words, can’t wait to see what you do for them too! I hope everything has been going well and you’re all enjoying the holidays! Thank you keeping all of us up to date on what you’re doing, it’s great to find out all the different ideas!

    1. Thanks for your comments, Karin πŸ™‚ I really do think FIlip is ready to begin CVC word work… Kids are full of surprises and I think it’s important to follow their lead! Let me know what Ollie thinks of the sand!!

  2. One more thing, how awesome is the magic sand?! Got some last weekend and I can’t wait to get a container to put it all in! Absolutely can’t wait to see Ollie’s reaction to it πŸ™‚

  3. Hi,
    I love the farm theme posters on the wall in the background – may I ask where you got them from?

  4. Hi , i have just liked your facebook page but noticed this post was from last year. Is it still possible to get this as a ‘fan freebie’?

    Many Thanks

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