CVC Word Family Picture Scrambles FREE SAMPLER

If you’re teaching your little ones to read phonetically, then this is a fun printable I am sure they will love. Children will practice segmenting and blending phonemes to read CVC words. Click here or the image below to download the FREE sample packet.

The pages in this packet are ordered by word family, making it even easier for your young or struggling readers to learn letter sounds and blending phonemes. All that changes on each page is the onset.

Children cut the pictures along the dotted lines, and then to order the pieces correctly to spell a CVC (or CCVC) word. Children then glue the pictures on the recording page provided and write the word that they have built.

Tip: Make sure to use paper glue as children will be coloring the pictures after they are glued down. I find that crayons work better than pencils for this activity as they glide more smoothly over the glued down paper. Alternatively, children can cut out and pictures, arrange them to see what image they make and color them before gluing down.

Click here or on the image below if you would like to purchase the complete packet!

Happy Teaching 🙂

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